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Nissan GTR Enhancement Detail

This 2012 GTR came in to have the paintwork refreshed. 

The finish was being robbed by a vast amount of swirls, buffer trails and deeper marks across the bodywork.

Our Enhancement Detail will take the vehicle through a number of processes which will help restore the clarity and gloss back to the Daytona Blue paint.

The wheels, tyres, arches and brake calipers are cleaned first using acid free products. 

The car is blanketed with snowfoam as a pre-wash to soften the surface grime. 

While this is dwelling, any tighter areas are cleaned out with soft detailing brushes. 

The car is rinsed and treated to a safe 2 bucket method contact wash.

Any tar and iron fallout is removed chemically before the remaining bonded contaminants are removed with clay.

The car is carefully dried. 

Any delicate areas masked off in preparation for polishing. 

The paintwork is machine polished to remove the swirls and buffer trails.

A few before and after shots.

The paintwork was refined and then a high quality Carnauba wax applied for protection. 

The interior leather was deep cleaned and protected. 

The cloudy headlights were machine polished and protected. 

And the final result. 

If you'd like to see what we can do for your car, just get in touch.

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