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hyperCLEAN Ceramic Coating

Professional Accredited Ceramic Coating Specialist

Long Term Protective Coatings


We are Milton Keynes' most experienced Ceramic Coating Specialist and offer the most advanced long term protection for paint work and alloy wheels in the form of highly advanced low volatile silicone polymers which bond to the paint on a molecular level.

These ceramic coatings create a barrier between the paint, road grime and contaminants.

Once cured, the ceramic coating forms a hard, glass like layer that is resilient to wash marring, minor scratches, strong chemicals and UV rays.

The surface becomes extremely hydrophobic which creates not only amazing beading, but the sheeting effect given helps to carry away any surface dirt and dust. This helps the surface to stay cleaner for longer.

These coatings make it even easier to clean your car as dirt merely sits on the surface and will not bond to the paint below.

Ceramic coatings need to be applied in the correct conditions, using the proper methods - not installed on a driveway.

Our dedicated Milton Keynes based workshop allows us to apply coatings in an ideal environment, meaning perfect results every time.


We have a range of coatings available to suit the requirements you may need.

3 Year Ceramic Coating

Using composite siloxane technology, our 3 year ceramic coating makes water spots and road grime easy to remove, offers excellent resistance to all wash chemicals and can help withstand micro-marring. It produces a high-gloss, warm-looking, extremely hydrophobic finish.

It has a consistent film that is more durable and resistant to road salt and washes chemicals than its rivals.

Cost per application - £200

5 Year Ceramic Coating

Our 5 year ceramic coating is a certified installer only - high solid coating that offers great resistance to scratches, chemicals, UV rays all while offering a high level of gloss and a hydrophobic finish. This ceramic coating can be used standalone or as a base layer to then add our Hydrophobic top coat. The coating can also be layered to add more protection.

When properly maintained, will last up to 5 years.

This coating has some incredible features and is one of the hardest coatings available (certified detailer application only).


  • UV & UVB Resistant

  • Permanent Protection 

  • Superhydrophobic

  • Self Cleaning

  • Super High Gloss

  • Anti Rust & Corrosion  

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Can Be Multi-Layered For Increased Scratch Resistance

Cost per application  - £300

Additional Layer of Top Coat - £150 (Ultra-hydrophobic layer)

Wheel Coating

Our Wheel Coating is a highly durable, high heat resistant wheel and calliper protection system. Once applied, Wheel Coating will create a hard chemical resistant layer that provides UV protection, resistance to brake dust and easier cleaning. Safe to use on: Rims | Exhaust tips | brake callipers | chrome and metal surfaces.​


Wheel faces coated - £50

Wheels removed, coated inside, faces along with brake callipers - £200

Glass Coating

Our Glass Coating is a nano based ceramic coating for your glass surfaces, including the windshield. Glass Coating is formulated to repel water and reduce the chance of water spots. When applied on the windshield, Glass Coating is wiper safe and will withstand high wear. The results are safer driving conditions when it is raining, making the water bead off the surface. Glass Coating will help when defrosting glass as well as aid in repelling dirt. Maintained, Glass Coating can last up to 1 year per application.


Windscreen and front side windows coated - £55

All exterior glass coated - £100-150 

Please note that Ceramic Coating packages are in addition to an Enhancement Detail, Major Enhancement or Correction Detail to remove swirl marks and imperfections before the ceramic coating application.

GTECHNIQ gtechniq C1 c5 Crystal Serum EXO ceramic coating Quartz coating Gyeon Mohs Paint Protection, 
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