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Detailing Services

 A wide range of award winning detailing services are available to meet a variety of requirements and budgets alike.
Whether your car needs a thorough safe wash, or dedicated bespoke correction, we can tailor a premium detailing package to suit you. See below for details.

Major Enhancement Detail
Removes deeper swirls, light scratches and marks. Brings back perfect mirror like reflections and shine

This package includes two machine polishing stages - up to 90% Correction  

From £400

Enhancement Detail
Our most popular package and a favourite before shows to bring back a deep, glossy shine.
This package includes a single stage machine polish - up to 80% correction


Protection Detail

​Ideal to help defend your cars paint against the road salt and grime!

Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic Coatings are a long term protection option for your vehicle with greater durability and resistance to wash marring, UV rays and chemicals.
Click h
ere to see some of our other Ceramic Coating options.

New Car Protection Detail

Give your new car the best start in life with our New Car Protection packages.

A far superior alternative to dealership offerings.

Click here For More Information

C.C.C. Package

Ceramic coating made easy with our Clean - Clay - Coat package.

Learn more here

Porsche Detailing
We are well regarded for our specialist Porsche Detailing in Milton Keynes and the wider area.
See what options we have for this prestigious marque.

Learn more here

From £30

Maintenance Detail

Designed to maintain the finish using safe wash techniques and the highest quality products.

Recommended for previously detailed vehicles.

  • Wheels cleaned using only the best acid free products

  • Citrus infused snow foam pre-wash removing surface dirt

  • Power rinse

  • 2 Bucket method wash with quality mitt and ph neutral shampoo

  • Dried safely using a drying aid and plush microfiber towels to prevent scratching

  • Glass cleaned

  • Tyres and exterior trims dressed

  • Quick detailer spray applied or Wax top up available

Keep It Simple

Don't need a full on detailing package - but don't want to risk the damage of an automated or regular hand car wash?

We have some great options to keep your car looking fresh.

                                                       Small     -     Medium     -     Large     -     SUV

Safe Wash (maintenance detail)     £40                £50                £60              £70

Wax or Sealant                                £10                £10                £15              £15

Interior Clean                                   £10                £15                £20              £20







Upgrades and Extras

A range of extra services are available upon request, these include:

Interior Detail

The interior is vacuumed, plastics cleaned and dressed using high quality products to leave a great matte finish whilst protecting from UV damage. 

Leather deep clean and condition available

If your vehicle requires interior shampooing, vet vacuuming or steam cleaning, please contact us for a price.

Engine Bay Detail 

All areas under the bonnet are brush cleaned using a quality de-greaser to reveal a spotless engine bay. All plastics and rubber parts are dressed with a high quality dressing to maintain a lasting finish and nourish to prevent perished hoses and split plastics.

Wax Upgrades

Extra layers of wax can be applied, or the option to upgrade to a more luxurious or durable wax / sealant are available upon request.

Soft Top Protection

Convertible roofs loose their water repellence over time and become engrained with dirt.

This service deep cleans the fabric surface and adds a lasting protectant that will repel rain, aid cleaning and help prevent dirt working its way into the fabric which can lead to premature wear.

Wheel Refurbishing

We can have your alloy or steel wheels professionally refurbished to repair kurbing, scuffs, dents or just for a colour change.

  • The wheels will undergo an acid bath to remove the old paint.

  • They are then shot blasted to leave a bare metal surface.

  • The wheels are then powder coated in any colour you desire, leaving a tough durable finish.

Wheels can also be diamond cut if required.

Add on a ceramic coating to help protect your wheels from road grime and brake dust, making them easier to keep clean.

Please note, all prices are ''From £xx'' and are subject to vehicle size and condition.

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