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detailR - Signature Detail

Our Signature Detail is the ultimate in detailing services

With our Signature Detail, we take your vehicle through every detailing option at our disposal to bring out the very best possible finish on the exterior and interior and leave every surface protected.
The Process
  • Wheels removed from the vehicle and cleaned using only the best acid free products, including wheel arches, brakes and suspension components

  • Engine bay cleaned and degreased

  • Citrus infused snow foam pre-wash removing surface dirt

  • Power rinse

  • 2 Bucket method wash with quality mitt and ph neutral shampoo

  • Paint decontamination (including tar removal, fallout removal and use of automotive clay) to create a glass like feel

  • Further 2 Bucket method wash to remove clay residue

  • Dried safely using a drying aid, plush microfiber towels and warm filtered air to prevent scratching

  • Glass cleaned and polished

  • Door shuts cleaned and polished

  • True paint correction - all paint defects are removed as far as possible through multiple cutting stages of machine polishing

  • The paintwork is further machine polished with a refining stage to begin to bring out the true clarity and gloss

  • A final jeweling stage of machine polish is utilised to leave a crisp, reflective finish - ready for protection

  • The paintwork is coated with WaxedShine PPS Pro ceramic coating - a 5 year, 9H coating

  • A secondary coating - WaxedShine Top Coat is applied for a superhydrophobic, super glossy finish

  • The wheels are ceramic coated inside and out, along with the brake callipers and arch liners

  • All of the exterior glass receives a glass specific ceramic coating

  • Tyres and exterior trims dressed

  • Exhausts and other metal work polished to restore shine and coating applied


  • We begin by removing all floor matts and even the seats if required

  • The interior is then thoroughly vacuumed

  • The carpets are shampooed and wet extracted

  • Fabric seats are vacuumed and wet extracted

  • Leather seats are deep cleansed and conditioned

  • All plastic surfaces including the dashboard and door cards are cleansed and an anti-static dressing applied

  • All fabrics in the car are protected

  • Leather seats protected

  • Headliner cleaned

  • All interior glass and mirrors cleaned and polished

  • OZone fog to sanitise the ventilation system

We can also add in additional services if required such as

  • Paint Protection Film

  • Leather repairs - recolouring, tears, stitching, etc

  • Leather steering wheel recovering

  • Alloy wheel refurbishment - repairs or full colour change

  • Window tinting

This services requires a minimum of booking of 5 days - £POA
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