Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film - PPF, is becoming increasingly popular.

These films are a near invisible barrier that sits on top of your paintwork and will protect it from stone chips, scratches as well as bird droppings, insect etchings and much more.

We are certified SunTek factory trained installers and can offer PPF with five to ten year warranty* against yellowing, cracking, crazing and lifting.

SunTek PPF is one of the most advanced films on the market, which is why we chose to become part of their installer network. We strive to work with the leading manufacturers in the industry in ever aspect.

We use SunTek's TruCut software to pre-cut our films to fit your car perfectly - meaning we never need to go near your paint work with knives or other cutting tools.

The film is incredibly resilient to scratching and swirling.

SunTek Paint Protection Film has a highly advanced top coating with fantastic self healing properties.

If the film  does get scratched or marring is inflicted during washing - the marks will self heal with heat.

You can pour hot water onto to surface, park the car in the sun on a hot day or even let the heat of the engine do the work.

Features and benefits include:

  • Helps protect against damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris

  • Self-healing top coat that is scratch- and crack-resistane

  • Outstanding optical clarity

  • High-gloss finish

  • Backed by a manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty *

Standard Coverage

From £650

Front Bumper

Partial Bonnet

Partial Front Wings

Mirror Covers

Premium Coverage

From £1000

Front Bumper

Full Bonnet

Full Front Wings

Mirror Covers

Custom Coverage

From £POA

Opt for individual panels or the entire car



Side Skirts


A Pillars

Full Coverage

Each application includes the following processes:

  • Wheel, tyres and arches cleaned using acid free products

  • Snow Foam pre-wash

  • Two bucket method wash using pH neutral shampoo and soft wash mitts

  • Dried using plush microfiber towels, drying aid and warm - filtered air

  • Three stage decontamination process - tar removed, iron fallout removed and use of automotive clay

  • Machine polishing stage to remove swirling to panels receiving PPF (opt for our Enhancement or Major Enhancement for full machine polishing)

  • Alcohol wipe down ensuring perfect application

  • Wax applied to entire vehicle - including PPF

  • Glass cleaned

  • Exterior trims dressed

  • Tyres dressed

  • Exhaust tips polished


Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Upgrade Available

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