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Enhancement Detail

A favourite before shows to bring back a deep, glossy shine.

This package includes a single stage machine polish - up to 80% correction

Our Enhancement Detail is ideal for cars with general swirls and wash marring.

We take your car through our thorough wash and decontamination process to make sure every part of the vehicle is spotless. We clean every aspect of the car including the wheel areas, paintwork, door shuts, grills, rubber seals etc. before our three part decontamination to remove any bonded contaminants.

This extended preparation ensures even greater results during the machine polishing stages.

Once the car is perfectly cleaned, any delicate areas are masked up to protect them.

The paintwork is inspected to reveal all of the defects present, and the paint is measured to ensure safe levels of correction.

We then carry out a single stage machine polish.

We carefully pair a pad and polish to your cars paintwork to get the maximum cut, while finishing down to a flawless finish in one stage.

The freshly polished surface is then protected with a luxury wax or sealant giving a nice boost in gloss and promoting beading and easy cleaning.

This award winning package starts at just £400

Need more in-depth polishing? See our Major Enhancement Detail

A ceramic coating can also be applied for increased protection - more info on ceramic coatings 


  • Wheels cleaned using only the best acid free products (includes arches)

  • Wheels protected with a synthetic wheel sealant

  • Citrus infused snow foam pre-wash removing surface dirt

  • Power rinse

  • 2 Bucket method wash with quality mitt and ph neutral shampoo

  • Paint decontamination (includes tar removal, fallout removal and use of automotive clay) to create a glass like feel

  • Further 2 Bucket method wash to remove clay residue

  • Dried safely using a drying aid, plush microfiber towels and warm filtered air to prevent scratching

  • Glass cleaned and polished - water repellent sealant applied to windscreen

  • Single stage machine polish with paint depth readings taken to ensure safety and accuracy

  • Tyres and exterior trims dressed

  • Exhausts and other metal work polished to restore shine​​

  • Wax or sealant applied to all painted surfaces

Price Guide

Small car          £400

Mini, Polo, A1

Medium Car     £500

Boxster, Golf, 1 Series

Large Car         £600

3 Series, 911, Model S

SUV                  £700

Range Rover, X5, Q7

Please note, all prices are ''From £xx'' and are subject to vehicle size and condition.

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