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Enhancement Detail

A favourite before shows to bring back a deep, glossy shine.

This package includes a single stage machine polish - up to 80% correction


  • Wheels cleaned using only the best acid free products (includes arches)

  • Wheels protected with a synthetic wheel sealant

  • Citrus infused snow foam pre-wash removing surface dirt

  • Power rinse

  • 2 Bucket method wash with quality mitt and ph neutral shampoo

  • Paint decontamination (includes tar removal, fallout removal and use of automotive clay) to create a glass like feel

  • Further 2 Bucket method wash to remove clay residue

  • Dried safely using a drying aid, plush microfiber towels and warm filtered air to prevent scratching

  • Glass cleaned and polished - water repellent sealant applied to windscreen

  • Single stage machine polish with paint depth readings taken to ensure safety and accuracy

  • Tyres and exterior trims dressed

  • Exhausts and other metal work polished to restore shine​​

  • Wax or sealant applied to all painted surfaces

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