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New Car Protection Detail

When buying a new car, you expect to be presented with a vehicle that is in perfect condition. Sadly this is usually not the case.

Dealerships want to have their cars in and out as quickly as possible. This means they don't have the time to prepare your brand new car and rush it out.

Things are done in a less than ideal manner as there is no need for attention to detail.

The dealership will often offer you a 'paint protection package'.

This will consist of an inferior product that is applied badly, if at all, and cost you hundreds of pounds.

We have used our knowledge of paint systems and surface protection to come up with a far superior New Car Protection detail, which won't only protect the car for years with a true ceramic coating - ensuring it stays looking great as well as helping to hold value, but it will look even better than when it left the factory and save you money over the dealership option.

Our New Car Detail consists of,

  • Wheels cleaned using only the best acid free products

  • Citrus infused snow foam pre-wash to loosen surface dirt

  • Power rinse

  • 2 Bucket method wash with quality mitt and ph neutral shampoo

  • Paint decontamination (includes tar removal, fallout removal and use of automotive clay) to create a glass like feel

  • Further 2 Bucket method wash to remove clay residue

  • Dried safely using drying aid and plush microfiber towels to prevent scratching

At this point the paintwork is assessed for any damage caused while being transported or having it's pre-dispatch inspection at the dealership.

Any damage can be rectified using machine polishing stages to leave the paint work looking as it should.

A Single Stage machine polish is carried out to remove marring or abrasions picked up in transit as part of the New Car Protection package*

Next is the option of protection.

Ceramic Coating Options...

3-year Ceramic Coating

Our 3-year ceramic coating application, provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch, and chemical resistance. The coating is applied to all painted surfaces on a vehicle with a one-step application ensuring three years of durable nano-ceramic protection. Its unique composite technology enables a a thick two-layer coating with one application. 

5-Year Ceramic Coating

​Our 5-year coating is a 10H ceramic coating specially formulated to create an ultra-hard, super-slick surface that repels dirt, grime, and other contaminants, making it easy to maintain a vehicle's appearance. With a 5+ year lifespan, this coating provides extremely durable protection against environmental factors such as UV rays, oxidation, and industrial fallout.

This coating has some incredible features and is one of the hardest ceramic coatings available (certified detailer application only).


  • UV & UVB Resistant

  • Permanent Protection 

  • Super-hydrophobic

  • Self Cleaning

  • Super High Gloss

  • Anti Rust & Corrosion  

  • Chemical Resistant

The wheels faces are protected with a wheel ceramic coating to help repel brake dust and make cleaning nice and easy.

Wheels can be removed and ceramic coated inside-out, along with the brake callipers for £150.

The engine bay is cleaned and dressed to improve the look and prevent hoses and plastics perishing.


The windscreen receives a glass specific coating which will repel water and improve visibility in wet conditions.

The interior surfaces are protected with dedicated products to prevent dirt ingress, staining - while making any spillages easier to clean up.



Vehicle Size                                                 3-Year                          5-Year

Small                                                             £600                             £700

Medium                                                         £700                             £800

Large                                                             £800                             £900

SUV                                                               £900                            £1000

*Coatings used can last from 2 to 5 years with proper maintenance. Please enquire about coating options when requesting this service.
*If further paint correction is required, this will be discussed and priced accordingly.

Please note; vehicles receiving a New Car Protection Detail should arrive in an 'as new' condition.

Any additional work will be advised and quoted for as required.

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