Winter Protection Detail From £125


A winter protection is essential to ensure your vehicles paintwork is safely guarded against the harsh conditions, damaging road salts and added grime that the colder months will throw at it.


This package includes deep cleansing of all exterior surfaces, including a machine applied paint cleanser that will cleanse and polish in one step, meaning that some lighter swirling and minor marks can be removed.

The paint work then receives a layer of synthetic sealant that has been proven to protect for 6 months+.

A further wax layer is then added to improve the appearance of the vehicles paint work and to act as a sacrificial layer of protection.


The full package includes the following,


Wheels cleaned using only the best acid free products

Wheels protected with a dedicated wheel sealant
Citrus pre-wash removing surface dirt
Power rinse
2 Bucket method wash with quality mitt and ph neutral shampoo
Paint decontamination (includes tar removal, fallout removal and use of automotive clay) to create a glass like feel
Further 2 Bucket method wash to remove clay residue

Dried safely using drying aid and plush microfiber towels to prevent scratching
Glass cleaned and water repellent sealant applied

Pre-wax cleanser machine applied to ensure a good bond for the protective layer, and to remove some minor swirling
Synthetic sealant applied to all painted surfaces

Carnuba Wax applied to all painted surfaces

Exhaust tips polished and protected

Tyres and exterior trims dressed

Interior surfaces vacuumed, cleaned and protected with specialist products.

Small Cars - £125

Medium Cars - £175

Large Cars - £225

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