ECU Remapping

Our ECU Remapping service unlocks the restrictions imposed by vehicle manufactures to release more power, greater response and lower fuel consumption, safely and reliably.

Each remap is completely custom and written for your vehicle. We do not use any generic flash maps.


Our simple connection to over 70k+ vehicles allows you to modify the 'Brain' of a vehicle without extra hardware or engine components being altered in anyway.

We can unleash the true potential of virtually any vehicle with...

  • Improved overtaking performance

  • Smoother driving experience

  • Enhanced throttle response

  • Calibration for removal of speed limiters, Lamda sensors, and more!

  • Better towing performance

  • 35% more Power and 15% increase in torque 

  • 15% better fuel economy and lower co2 emissions

  • Fix unwelcome DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Problems 

  • Pops & Bangs

  • Launch Control

  • Anti-Lag

Remapping and AutoWatch Ghost immobilisers can be bolted on to any detailing service, or booked as a standalone option.

We are able to offer remapping inhouse and as a mobile service.

When booked as a standalone service - inhouse - the car will receive a complimentary safe wash.

Get in touch today to request a free quote and see what we can do to improve your driving experience.