New Car Protection Detail

With the new 20 registration just around the corner, now is the perfect time to book your car for our New Car Protection Detail.

The dealerships offer old tech - polymer sealants at over inflated prices. The sealants are mis-marketed, often poorly applied and rarely live up to their expectation.

Our package offers the following...

Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned.

Snow foam pre-wash.

2 bucket method contact wash.

Decontamination - tar and glue removal, iron fallout removal and clay bar.

A single stage machine polish to remove any defects in the paintwork.

Paintwork protected with a 5 year 9H ceramic coating.

Wheel faces coated.

Windscreen coating applied.

Interior surfaces cleaned and any leather and textile surfaces protected.

You're probably thinking 'it's new, why does it need all of that work?'

Here's a typical example of how a new car is handed over.

This Mini Cooper came straight to us from the dealership.

As you can see, the finish before machine polishing is far from prefect.

After the polishing stages, the protection was applied, further enhancing the finish.

If you'd like to get your car booked in to be protected from new, just get in touch and we can discuss pricing and availability.

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