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Audi RS6 Full Car PPF

Audi RS6

The vehicle received our usual safe wash and decontamination processes.

The paintwork was then treated to a 2 stage machine polish to remove swirls, sanding marks and a previous, poorly applied ceramic coating.

The car was protected with an extended PPF application including, Bonnet, front bumper, wings, front & rear doors, rear quarters and a boot loading strip.

The remaining paintwork and PPF received a layer of ceramic coating for a consistent super-hydrophobic finish while adding to the easy cleaning, chemical resistance and extra UV barriers.

The windscreen was polished and ceramic coated.

Leather seats were wiped down, dash board and door cards cleaned and a thorough vacuum.

The finished result.

If you'd like any information on our PPF, detailing or ceramic coating services, just get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

Richard, detailR


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