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New Car Protection Detail - Focus ST

I thought I'd put this blog together to show what goes into a new car preparation.

This car was booked in before delivery as the owner knew the Guard X offered by Ford wasn't up to the job, and that it would more than likely be applied in a less than ideal way... they applied it anyway - not that you'd know! The car on arrival at our Milton Keynes workshop.

The initial clean up was done using Auto Finesse Products.

Ferrous metal contamination safely dissolved. This is after the initial wash stage.

The next step is to rewash the car before being taken inside to be safely dried and then clayed to remove bonded contaminants.

The paint work is then wiped down to revel the true state of the paint.

The car received a single stage machine polishing set to remove these marks inflicted at the dealership, as well as enhancing the gloss of the over all finish.

The gloss black pillars are always a mass of swirls and scratches.

These are machine polished to reveal a great, glossy finish.

After machine polishing.

The car is then prepared for the ceramic coating.

The ceramic coating adds a strong protective layer over the paint work which helps guard against dirt, debris, scratching, wash marring and is ultra-hydrophobic.

A coated car is extremely easy to care for as dirt will not bond to the coating, meaning it is washed away very easily.

We offer a range of ceramic coatings with life spans of 2 to 5 years of protection.

In this case, Gyeon Mohs was used - with 2 years of protection.

The wheels are coated with a wheel specific ceramic to prevent brake dust embedding into the powder coated finish.

The interior is freshened up and protected.

All plastics surfaces are treated to a natural, satin finished product that guards against UV damage as well as staining and anti-static properties to keep dust to a minimum.

Carpets and fabric items are protected with a specialist fabric dressing that will repel water and dirt. Any spilled drinks will bead up in the surface - which can easily be mopped up without staining the material below.

Leather seats are treated to a leather guard the protects against dye transfer from clothing, dirt and oils from skin and abrasion from general use.

The finished article is now protected for 2 years from wash marring, light scratches, UV fading and providing the owner with a great looking car with a finish that will last.

If you have a car on order and would like to book it in for this service, or for more information, get in touch.

A run down and price guide can be found here...

All work is carried out in our secure, fully insured Milton Keynes workshop.

Direct train routes to London, Aylesbury, Northampton, Bedford and Manchester nearby.

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