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New Milton Keynes Unit!!

The goal from day one was to be Milton Keynes' first port of call for detailing and car care and we're well on the way

If you've read our older blog posts, you would have seen the size of the old unit.

It was fine - but we've grown as a company and as we've grown - the unit became too small to cope with demand.

Don't worry, we haven't gone far - its on the same road as before, still in Milton Keynes - close to Bletchley train station for our London, Northampton, Birmingham and beyond customers.


As the first blog from the new unit, it felt right to show the first car that was detailed in there.

this Evo IX Wagon was treated to a Major Enhancement Detail (2 stage machine polish) to remove damage caused from a vinyl wrap - we don't know if it was the fitting or removal stage - but it was ruining an overall amazing car.

The car came over from Aylesbury to Milton Keynes for it's treatment and returned looking much sharper with a layer of protection from ODK Wax.

Take a look through this short gallery for some before, during and after photos.

I'f you're looking to have your car detailed, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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