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Audi RS3 Detailed

2016 Audi RS3

Treated to our Major Enhancement Detail with 3-Year Ceramic Coating

The car went through our thorough wash process,

Wheels, tyres, arches and brake callipers cleaned and embedded brake dust removed.

Engine bay cleaned.

Citrus pre-wash.

Snow foam.

Contact wash.

Three step decontamination - iron fallout removal, tar removal and clay bar treatment.

The paint was then given a multi-stage machine polish to remove swirls, scratches and some sanding marks.

The freshly polished paintwork was panel wiped to remove any residues from the polishing stages.

A 3-year ceramic coating applied to the paintwork and exterior trim.

The wheels faces were given a light machine polish and then sealed.

The windscreen was polished and coated to improve visibility and safety in wet conditions.

To finish, the interior was vacuumed, leather seats and plastic surfaces were cleaned.


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