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Audi RS4 Recovery Detail

Restoring the Audi RS4: Witness the Remarkable Transformation at detailR, Milton Keynes' Premier Detailing and Ceramic Coating Specialist

Welcome to detailR, Milton Keynes' leading detailing and ceramic coating specialist, where we take you through our journey of restoring an Audi RS4 to its former glory. Join us as we showcase the remarkable transformation of this iconic vehicle, which was previously subjected to a subpar detailing job.

A Tale of Neglect

When the Audi RS4 arrived at our facility, we were confronted with a disheartening sight. It was evident that the car had previously received a cheap and badly executed detailing job, leaving it with lackluster paint and diminished shine. The once stunning RS4 was in desperate need of rejuvenation.

Diligence, Passion, and Expertise

At detailR, we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence. With every project, we approach the restoration process with unrivalled diligence, passion, and expertise. The Audi RS4 was no exception.

Step 1: Thorough Assessment

Before diving into the restoration process, our team meticulously assessed the condition of the RS4. We identified areas that required special attention, such as swirl marks, scratches, and paint imperfections caused by previous substandard detailing attempts. The car was also covered in over-spray, which was the reason the previous detailing job had been booked.

The car also been ceramic coated - but this poor attempt lasted less than 20 days as there were no signs of protection on the car whatsoever!

Step 2: Decontamination.

The vehicle goes through our meticulous wash and decontamination process to make sure every part of the vehicle is spotless. We clean every aspect of the car including the wheel areas, paintwork, door shuts, grills, rubber seals etc. before our three part decontamination to remove any bonded contaminants.

At this stage, we were able to remove a lot of embedded brake dust and over-spray which was missed the last time someone treated the car.

This extended preparation ensures even greater results during the machine polishing stages.

Step 3: Corrective Detailing

To rectify the damage inflicted on the RS4, we initiated an intensive corrective detailing process. With the utmost precision and care, we employed cutting-edge techniques and professional-grade products to remove the unsightly defects tarnishing the car's appearance.

Through the controlled use of dual-action polishers, specialized cutting pads, and top-tier compounds or polishes, we delicately restored the RS4's paintwork to its former glory through our Major Enhancement Detail. The transformation was breath-taking, as the once dulled and marred paint regained its deep, lustrous shine.

Step 4: Ceramic Coating Excellence

With the corrective detailing complete, it was time to safeguard the RS4's rejuvenated paintwork with the ultimate level of protection – ceramic coating. detailR specializes in delivering flawless ceramic coating applications, ensuring unparalleled durability, resistance to environmental contaminants, and a long-lasting showroom-like finish.

We skilfully applied the ceramic coating, taking care to cover every inch of the RS4's deep, glossy paintwork and exterior trims. This process guarantees optimal coverage and maximum protective benefits, safeguarding the car against harmful UV rays, oxidation, and everyday wear and tear.

The wheels were removed from the vehicle, cleaned once again and ceramic coated inside-out, along with the RS brake callipers.

The exterior glass was carefully polished, before a glass specific coating was applied to increase visibility and safety in wet conditions.

Step 5: Return to Splendour As the ceramic coating cured and solidified its bond with the RS4's surface, we focused on the final touches that would truly bring out the car's newfound splendour. Every detail was meticulously attended to – from a thorough interior cleaning, rejuvenation of leather surfaces, to meticulously dressing the tires and applying a protective dressing to the engine bay.

The Audi RS4 was now restored, exuding a breath-taking radiance that turned heads wherever it ventured. Transforming the previously lacklustre vehicle into a work of art was an achievement we were proud to showcase.

Milton Keynes' Premier Detailing and Ceramic Coating Specialist

detailR in Milton Keynes is dedicated to delivering unrivalled excellence in automotive detailing and ceramic coating services. Our unwavering commitment to perfection and passion ensures that every vehicle entrusted to us receives a transformative experience, unlocking its true potential.

Join us at detailR to witness the extraordinary transformations we bring to vehicles like the Audi RS4. Rediscover the allure, shine, and protection that your cherished vehicle deserves. Experience the Premium detailR difference today.

Or you know, pay cheap - pay twice and all that!


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