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Jaguar F-Type SVR Enhancement Detail

This gorgeous F-Type SVR was treated to an Enhancement Detail package with WaxedShine PPS Pro ceramic coating.

This package takes the car through a safe wash and decontamination processes.

A single stage machine polish is carried put on the paintwork to remove swirls and wash marring. There was a lot of damage inflicted by local hand car washes.

The freshly polished paint was then protected with WaxedShine PPS Pro, a manufacturer warranted 5 year, 9H coating.

The exterior glass was also fully coated.

The wheels received a hight temperature Wheel specific wax.

Exterior trims dressed, engine bay cleaned and dressed.

The interior was given a light freshen up.

Detailing in Milton Keynes, ceramic coating
Jaguar F-Type SVR Enhancement Detail


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