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New Car Protection Detail

The new 22 registration is just around the corner and lots of new cars are on order.

The dealership will try to upsell their polymer sealant protection plans. This are applied in a hurry with little to no preparation. And very often, not applied at all!

Our New Car Protection Detail is the perfect package to protect your investment from the beginning.

The car undergoes our usual safe wash and decontamination processes.

The paintwork is then machine polished to reveal the true gloss and clarity.

A high quality, accredited detailer only Ceramic Coating is then applied to all exterior paintwork and trims.

The exterior glass is coated with an ultra hydrophobic coating improving visibility and safety.

The wheel faces are coated with a high temperature, wheel specific coating.

The interior surfaces are cleaned and protection applied to the seats and floor matts.

Why go through all of these steps on a brand new car?

Here's a video showing a brand new Tesla Model £ that was treated to this detailing service.

Full details including pricing options can be seen here


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