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Peugeot 205 GTI Detailed

This lovely little 1990 Peugeot 205 GTI was treated to our Major Enhancement Detail with WaxedShine PPS Pro ceramic coating.

The car had a complete respray back in 2015 and had sat around ever since. The owner had recently begun to put the car back together and wanted it professionally detailed before adding all the nice new pieces like badges, interior trims and such.

We started with pur usual safe wash and decontamination processes.

Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned

Citrus pre-wash

Snow foam

2 bucket method contact wash

Tar remover

Iron fallout remover

Clay bar

Panel wipe

Once the necessary preparations were dealt with, it was time to begin machine polishing.

A multi-stage machine polish was carried out to remove swirls, sanding marks and buffer trails from the paintwork.

Once the polishing stages were complete, the paintwork and trims were thoroughly Panel wiped to remove any residues and prepare the surface for ceramic coating.

WaxedShine PPS Pro, a 5 year - 9H coating was applied to the paint and plastic trims.

Top Coat ceramic coating was then added over the top to further increase gloss, slickness and super hydrophobic water behavior.

This makes the car stay cleaner for longer - and males washing a breeze!

The exterior glass was polished and coated for increased visibility and safety in wet conditions.

The interior was given a super deep clean and all of the fabrics and leather seat bolsters protected.

And the end result

If you have a classic car that you would like to have detailed and protected to maintain it's value - get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

We continue to be Milton Keynes leading Detailing and Ceramic Coating specialist 💎



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