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VW Golf GTI Detail

This 2005 VW Golf GTI was brought in to have the paintwork treated to some machine polishing stages to remove swirls, sanding marks, holograms and some minor scratches. The car has had an extensive forged engine build and tidying up the paintwork and interior were next on the agenda.

The car received the following,


Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned. Embedded brake dust removed. Engine bay lightly degreased. Citrus pre-wash. Snow foam. 2 bucket method contact wash. Tar removal. Iron Fallout removal. Clay cloth. Blown dry. Delicate trims masked off. Heavier cutting stage to the main panels. Single stage polish for the spot pad areas. Main panels refined. Paintwork panel wiped. ODK Waxes ceramic coating applied. Exterior glass polished and windscreen coated. Exterior trims dressed. Exhaust tips and back box polished. Wheel faces sealed.


Thorough vacuum. Leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned. Carpets shampooed and wet vacuumed. All interior plastics cleaned and dressed.


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