BMW 5 Series Enhancement Detail

I had this E39 BMW 530d in for a single day Enhancement Detail in our dedicated Milton Keynes studio.

A new purchase for the owner - it looked great at first, but the car was covered in swirls and sun cream hand prints.

It was cold so no wash shots, just one of the wheels during the fallout removal stage (this brakes down the embedded brake dust)... the owner took it to a hand car wash on the way over

I guess they done a good job then.

Once fully cleaned up and taken inside, the car is clayed to remove bonded contaminants that the wash and chemical decontamination stages won't pick up.

The vulnerable areas were taped up and the car was ready for polishing.

A single stage machine polish is included in the Enhancement Detail package.

This will exfoliate microns from the top surface of the paintwork to remove swirl marks, minor scratches and marks. And in this case, hand prints from sun cream.

Before polishing on the drivers door

After - the swirl marks are hugely reduced and the metallic flake is a lot more prominent.

Under different lighting


And after

Some lovely sun cream marks




Tape off, ready for wax.

2 layers of Auto Finesse Spirit were used for some great protection.

The tyres were dressed

Plastic trims dressed and protected with

Glass polished and rain repellent applied

Wheels protected with a dedicated high temperature wheel wax

Finished shots

Thanks for reading

If you'd like to treat your car to this service, just get in touch and we'd be happy to advise you.

07738 636028

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