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Porsche Panamera Detail

We had the pleasure of detailing this beautiful Porsche Panamera to bring back the gloss and reflections, while adding some long term protection.

Porsche Panamera 4 Treated to our Major Enhancement Detail.

We start out by giving the wheels, tyres and arches a thorough clean using acid free products ad iron fallout remover to remove embedded brake dust.

The car then went through our intensive wash and three step decontamination process.

A multi-stage machine polishing process to remove swirls, sanding marks and buffer trails from the paintwork.

The paint was protected with a dual layer, 5 year ceramic coating.

The wheels were removed and coated inside-out, along with the brake callipers.

One of the front wheels was also refurbished back to a factory diamond cut finish.

All exterior glass was polished and coated.

Engine Bay cleaned and dressed.

The interior was given a once over and the leather seats cleaned.

Porsche Detailing Specialist in Milton Keynes


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