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Why Get a Ceramic Coating?

Ever wondered why ceramic coatings are so popular?

Here's a few reasons why people love having their car properly protected at detailR

Super easy maintenance!

A ceramic coating will normally reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your car by at least 50%!! Dirt dirt and grime doesn't stick like an unprotected car and washes away with ease!

Chemical resistance!

Ceramic coating have a mega high resistance against chemical staining and

bonding. Meaning your not out there with the clay bar every couple months trying to get that silky smooth finish again.

UV fading!

Ceramic coatings protect your car from UV rays which cause the paint to look dull and faded.

Extreme water behaviour!

Ceramic coatings are so hydrophobic the water doesn't want to sit on it, which causes the super cool beading. Which looks amazing but also helps carry away light dirt and dust after rain fall!

No more need for polishing or waxing!!

This is the big time saver for sure! If you are looking for something that will make your car look freshly waxed month after month but you don't have the time or will power to do it this is the one for you!

Due to the life span of our premium ceramic coatings you don't need to worry about dragging out that old bottle of t-cut any more!

And there's many many more!

Get in touch to find out more about Milton Keys Premier Detailing and Ceramic Coating Services.


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