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VW Golf GTI New Car Protection Detail

When you order a new car, you'd expect it to arrive in perfect condition. Defect free and looking great.

This sadly, isn't usually the case.

Most cars end up with some form of damage. Most of the damage we see comes from the dealership's preparation techniques.

The wash teams at a dealership are allocated a short time slot to prepare a car using products designed to make the process quick and easy but unfortunately damage delicate rubber and plastic trims and the methods inflict swirls and scratches into your nice new paint.

Our New Car Protection Detail takes your car through a more thorough preparation, ensuring far superior results.

First of all the wheels, tyres and wheel arches are cleaned with dedicated, acid free products.

The car receives a snow foam pre-wash to loosen and soften the dirt on the car before the contact wash.

After this is rinsed with pressure, we follow up with the contact wash.

This is done using the two bucket method with a pH neutral shampoo and nice soft wash mitts to prevent any damage being inflicted.

The car then goes through a 4 stage decontamination process.

Tar removal, iron fallout removal (brake dust, fail road dust, etc.), clay bar treatment and finally a IPA panel wipe.

The car is then machine polished to remove all swirls, scratches and marks it will have picked up along the way.

The car is then protected with either a wax or Ceramic Pro coating to lock in the fresh finish.

This protection help the car to stay cleaner for longer, and makes washing the car much easier.

We then add protection to the wheels, glass,exterior rubber and plastic trims.

The exhaust tips are polished and protected.

Finally, the cars interior is cleaned and protected.

Below are a few photos showing some of the stages the car goes through and the finished results.

If you have a new car on order, get in touch to discuss the options we can provide for you.

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